• Sheer Elegance Models
  • Henry Hallart
  • Bikini Shoot Out
  • Café Iguana Fashion Live & Promotion Show
  • All Star Sport Bar lingerie Show
  • Exotic Girls Promotion
  • Ds Hood Gone Wild

  • Mafia 
  • Titanium Girlz
  • Good Living Magazine
  • Vegas Showgirls

  • Washington DC Photo Workshop
  • Milwaukee Photo Work Shop

VIDEO & Event
  • Spragga Benz
  • Zoe Pound
  • Too Boo Haitian Video
  • Tim Cell Phone Commercial
  • BB&T Bank Commercial
  • Burn Notice
  • Bank of America
  • Nascar/Promotion
  • Sharika/Promotion
  • Ciror / Promotion
  • Hpnotiq Event
  • Commercial Soda Ginger
  • Commercial PERFUME "CANOE

  • Good Livin Magazine
  • Vegas Showgirls
  • Axebone
  • Blue Orchid Exotic Wear
  • Rock Hard Chic

Special Skills

  • Runway
  • Dancing
  • Volleyball
My name is Fibi Love and I am a full time model newly located in Miami Beach, Florida. Modeling has been a strong passion for me, and now, I living in Miami, I am looking to further my passion here!  I have pursued modeling for a number of years, my work includes high fashion, nature, and glamorous and many more. And I would like to be working with you

My resume is growing quickly and my images speak for my positive attitude and strong work ethic. Everyone says I’m going far! I look forward to "pushing the envelope" and creating images for everyone to enjoy.