Fibi Love (born October 25, 1985) is a model of Haitian descent. She does mainly internet modeling, glamour modeling and bikini modeling.

Early life

Fibi Love was born in Haiti. She spent most of her childhood in Haiti raised by her mother without her father. Fibi came to Florida in the United States when she was 15 years old where she has lived ever since.


The name Fibi Love is derived from her favorite television character Phoebe Halliwell on the hit television series Charmed, she simply used the French version of that name. Fibi Love got into modeling when she was 21 after seeing photographs of her roommate then who was a model. They both went and did a test shoot with a photographer, Steve, and that night she decided she wanted to be model. She has had spreads and covers for magazines such as Silk Magazine, Titanium Girlz Magazine, Good Livin' Magazine and Mafia Magazine.She has had roles in a couple of music videos and as an extra in television series such as Burn Notice and other television commercials.