Casting Call for the Haitian Music Awards

The organizers of the Haitian Music Awards are having a casting call for all categories of creative individuals on Saturday November 12 in Miami and also in Orlando. Check out the flyers for more info.

Haitian Music Awards

The anticipation is finally over! 
On January 7, 2017 the 1st Annual Prestigious Haitian Music Awards will be showcased live for the world to see at the Miramar Cultural Center, in Miramar, Florida.

This will be “The Red Carpet” event of the year. 

Prestigious Haitian Music Awards intent is to bring awareness to the Haitian musical talents that have served our country throughout the years. Haiti has developed a variety of musical styles to express the various situations the country has faced since 1804. This event will be held in the beautiful city of Miami, where the Haitian population is extremely vibrant. This event will include a plethora of live entertainment for your enjoyment.
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Granted Wish - Virgin Remy Hair

Thanks for the granted wish of the Human Remy Hair. I thinkyou can agree that it worked great.

Halloween Weekend

This is how I did it for the Halloween Weekend. I partied all weekend and this was what my costumes looked like. I was a naughty nun, a naughty schoolgirl and a sexy spider girl.
For me the weekend was mostly naughty.

Easy Steps to Get Glowing Skin

Your skin needs a few good minutes pampering every day to boost radiance and bring glow back to it. Just follow these steps and you can achieve this radiance quite easily. 
1. Cleansing is the first step. It removes impurities, surface dirt, grime and toxins from your skin.
2.Exfoliate after cleansing. Every day your skin get exposed to environmental pollution that gradually results in the accumulation of dead skin cells, blackheads, and whiteheads inside the pores.You skin needs to be exfoliated to reveal the young, fresh and clear skin underneath. 
3.Tone after a good exfoliation. Your skin needs a toner to re-balance your skin’s pH, to hydrate, refresh, close the pores and to remove any unattended make-up residues from the skin.
4.Moisturizing is the final step. Moisturizing your skin fills it with lost moisture and nutrients to keep it supple, soft, glowing and healthy. 

Nudu Carries a full line of products to help you achieve that healthy glowing skin that you have been looking for.  

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London Trip

Here are a few of the pics from my vacation in London.

Trip To Paris

Here are a few pic from my recent vacation in Paris

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