That Ultra Music Festival Outfit

Fibi Love Styling guide for the Ultra Music Festival
It's about that time again, when the music festival scene is about to kick off again. The 2015 season is going to kick off on March 27 with one of the largest music festivals. Its time for the 3 day Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Electronic music lovers are about to take over the Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami with some of the most eccentric styles you will ever see. But if you're not into pasties, booty shorts, furry boots and neon bracelets, here's how you can dress for the 

Ultra music Festival Styling Option
You want to look hot, but comfort is of vital importance, and you also want to remember that Miami is warm.

A nice place to start is a great pair of shorts and a tank top or t-shirt that compliments it. You can color block both pieces for a more lively look with colors you like. 

The next necessity is a comfortable pair of sneakers or shoes. Try to go with something that has vibrant color options, like; ballet flats, converse sneakers, skateboard sneakers or even gladiator sandals would work great. 

For accessories, you need that great pair of shades you know looks good on you, a simple necklace and bracelet will work. You will also need a bag, one that can cross over your shoulder would work best. 

of course you know its a day-night event, so bringing along a jacket or blazer that you can slip on later on is also a good idea. 


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