How to Wear All White

It can be a little intimidating wearing an all white outfit because there is a fear that the monochromatic look will seem boring and flat. However, there are ways to glam up your all white outfit. you can try using different textures or add colorful or metallic jewellery and accessories. 

One of the easiest ways however to break up an all white outfit and add a lot of interest, is to show off a little skin or a lot if you are daring enough. Cropped tops are hot right now if you have the body to pull it off. If you don't you can wear an outfit with a sheer midsection or show off the skin in the areas where you feel comfortable.

Out at Foreplay Thursdays

I was recently at Foreplay Thursday on March 12. It is held every Thursday at the The POLO CLUB - Formerly Casey's Nickelodeon in Pembroke Park. That night we were entertained by Arly Lariviere, who is the Band Leader of Haitian Group 'Nu Look'.

Of course you would know Black and White Trend is in for this spring along with ruffles and fringes and one shoulder dresses. 

That Versatile Closet Item

No matter what you have to do or where you have to go during the day, or in the evening, you need that one special item that seems to go with everything. That item is a trendy versatile jacket, preferably in a neutral tone. This one item will bring balance to whatever you are wearing at any time for almost any occasion. 

You can leave it open with a nice pair of jeans, shorts, or skater dress with your sneakers for a nice casual look if you are going shopping or on an errand. You don't need to match your footwear or bag with it either, since you are wearing it open, you can always match your accessories with your blouse or shirt to complete the look. 

For that casual yet chic evening look, you can combine the jacket with a nice pair of pants and blouse and sexy pair of heels. Leaving the jacket open will give it that casual look, while your choice of heels, accessories and blouse will give that chic evening look. 
You can even use the jacket in a more formal business type setting. By closing the jacket and wearing it with a high waist pencil skirt and heels. You would definitely not look out of place in a business meeting. 

So for your next shopping purchase, make sure one of these jackets is a part of your list.


That Ultra Music Festival Outfit

Fibi Love Styling guide for the Ultra Music Festival
It's about that time again, when the music festival scene is about to kick off again. The 2015 season is going to kick off on March 27 with one of the largest music festivals. Its time for the 3 day Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Electronic music lovers are about to take over the Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami with some of the most eccentric styles you will ever see. But if you're not into pasties, booty shorts, furry boots and neon bracelets, here's how you can dress for the 

Ultra music Festival Styling Option
You want to look hot, but comfort is of vital importance, and you also want to remember that Miami is warm.

A nice place to start is a great pair of shorts and a tank top or t-shirt that compliments it. You can color block both pieces for a more lively look with colors you like. 

The next necessity is a comfortable pair of sneakers or shoes. Try to go with something that has vibrant color options, like; ballet flats, converse sneakers, skateboard sneakers or even gladiator sandals would work great. 

For accessories, you need that great pair of shades you know looks good on you, a simple necklace and bracelet will work. You will also need a bag, one that can cross over your shoulder would work best. 

of course you know its a day-night event, so bringing along a jacket or blazer that you can slip on later on is also a good idea. 


Shooting Hoax at Lil Wayne's Mansion

A large detachment of Miami Beach police plus SWAT were deployed to Lil Wayne's La Gorce Mansion yesterday after a call of shots being fired there. The caller reported that he shot at least 4 people at the mansion but was no longer on the premises.

Lil Wayne was not at the mansion at the time, and members of his entourage turned up at the scene to talk with police. Only about a week before, police had to respond to reports that someone was lurking on the premises. The lurker claimed to be a friend of Lil Wayne's with permission to be there. The police however ushered him away from the premises.

The SWAT team swept the premises and gave it the all clear, a representative of the Miami Beach police indicated that this hoax was no laughing matter.


Wearing Black and White Stripes

Of  course you know from my previous post that black and white is in for this spring. But that black and white is not just about black skirts and white tops. It also extends to black and white patterns, and one of the hottest patterns right now is black and white stripes.

It is a commonly held belief that wearing clothes with horizontal stripes will make you look fatter. But Hermann von Helmholtz however proved that this is not true but quite the opposite. Horizontal stripes in fact make you look slimmer and taller

Don't be afraid to mix it up and go along with diagonal stripes as well. To add some real intrigue you can mix the stripes as well. You can use diagonal with horizontal stripes or large stripes with thin stripes.


Barikad Crew Electrocution

At least 20 people were killed in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, when a packed float—sponsored by the band Barikad Crew—hit a high-voltage power line. Several victims were electrocuted, and others died in the ensuing panic. The band’s singer, Fantom, was among the 46 additional people injured in the accident.
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1970s Influenced Look

Just because the 70's style is in, that does not mean tat you have to be out in bell-bottoms and sequinned covered tops. You can still wear your modern styles with different 70's influences.

Like for instance, wearing that tight sexy short dress that came into style in the late 80's and has never left us. It has become a part of every hotties wardrobe. You can assert that 70's influence by choosing nice earthy colors and patterns which were prevalent in that time. Plus of course the glamorous style of the early 70's included gold jewelry. and don't forget those large thick-framed eye-wear with irregular shapes, which came over into the 70's. you can complete the look with a splash of color. Those statement heels and red lipstick to turn heads.


Looking Trendy for Spring 2015

Black and White combinations and patterns are in for spring 2015. The trend is not groundbreaking, but black and white is everywhere and all the major designers are using it. It is a simple classic combination which is made more interesting with different textures and patterns.

Comfort and usability are also in. With simple comfortable wedges that still offer some height to glam-up your look.

 For this spring you also need to have the great leather jacket. You can soften up the look by getting one that is combined with suede.

For necklaces now, its all about the tight embrace, with chokers being the in thing right now. With the prevailing '70s trend that is inspiring most designers now. Its always great if you can include nice earthy tones in your combinations.