Girls Night Out Dinner


A lot of thanks for granting me these great items from my wishlist


Night Out

Louboutin Wishes Granted

Big Thank You for these Black Christian Louboutin Pumps that were on my wishlist. 
I used them in my latest photoshoots. 

Halloween Wishes Granted

Big thank you for these costumes from my wishlist. I wore them to Halloween Parties I hosted last year

Christmas costume Wish Granted

Thanks for granting this candy cane Christmas costume gift from my wishlist

Wishlist Accessories Granted

Here are some of the accessories that have been granted from my wishlist

Lowcut Romper Wish Granted

Thanks for the White Low Cut Zipper Romper bodysuit from my wishlist.

Received Wishlist Item

I would like to thank Sam for this sexy item he gave me from my wishlist