Rick Ross hospitalized twice in 6 hours

The Teflon, Don Rick Ross was hospitalized twice in the space of 6 hours seemingly determined to make an appearance in Memphis. The first incident happened Friday afternoon on a Delta Air Lines flight from Fort Lauderdale to Memphis, forcing the plane to return to return to Florida. After being treated at a Fort Lauderdale hospital, he tweeted: "Memphis here I come." and hopped on a private jet to Memphis. The plane was forced to land in Birmingham, Alabama, because Ross experienced another medical problem. WMC-TV in Memphis reported that Ross suffered a second medical seizure and had been hospitalized.
source: CBS News

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Natalie Nunn Kissing Lil Kim in Miami

Natalie Nunn partying with Lil KimNatalie Nunn kissing Lil Kim
After photos starting circulating around the internet about a public kiss between Natalie Nunn and Lil Kim, the reality star has come forward and shed some more light on the incident.

Lil’ Kim was a special guest at the LIV nightclub in Miami Beach on Sunday April 24,2011, where she brought Natalie Nunn and a few other guests with her. Natalie Nunn is one of the stars of season 4 of the Oxygen Network's "Bad Girl Club", where she is best known for yelling out her catch phrase “I Run L.A.”

In an exclusive interview with the Urban Daily she gushed about the experience.

When asked:  "How was it kissing Lil’ Kim on the lips?"

She replied:
"I enjoyed every minute of hanging out with Lil’ Kim and that kiss was the most amazing day of my life. She was my generation of bad girls when I was young. That’s what I listened to. Her inviting me to hang out with her in Miami was more than a dream come true I don’t care how lame that sounds. She’s a legend in the game for over a decade."

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