Mavericks Beat Miami Heat for the NBA Title

D-Wade with hands on his knee during game
The Dallas Mavericks won game 6 of the NBA finals in Miami to win the NBA title last night. It was only the teams second home loss in the entire post season but it was enough to hand the title to the Mavericks. Lebron James ended with 21 points, but we all had visions of him scoring over 40 points after the hot start he had hitting his first 4 shots. Last night Lebron tweeted: "The Greater Man upstairs know when it's my time. Right now isn't the time." and in Miami we are all praying that it will be next year.
Congratulation to the Dallas Mavericks for a deserved victory, they fought hard and have been waiting a long time for this. Miami have a lot of time to pull things together and figure it out


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