Donald Trump's Chances in 2012

Does Donald Trump stand a chance in 2012 without birtherism?
Now that the real estate mogul and supposed presidential candidate's pet issue has now been defunct, what next? "The Donald" is now questioning the president's academic background.

Donald Trump used the "birther" issue to go to the top of Republican presidential polls. But now that birther claims have been refuted does The Donald have a chance?
Trump's fame will carry him far and he has some advantages that will keep that going for a while. He is on TV all the time, he doesn't have any difficult votes or policies to defend, and he's no longer fazed by tabloid scandals.

If he can top Romney, he's in: Trump has already weakened the beatable Obama with the birther punch, says Patrick Roberts in Irish Central. And let's face it, with the exception of Mitt Romney, his GOP rivals "are a sad lot." If Trump can pull an upset win over Romney in the New Hampshire primary, his "incredible antenna for media attention" and messaging will take him to the nomination, and maybe the White House.
"Trump can become president if he can defeat Mitt Romney..."
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