Ashley Salazar: Press Release

 Stunner Baby Cover Girl "Playboy Stunner Issue" 4/7/11

Stunner Baby Magazine is excited to grace the exotic beauty of St. Louis’ own Ashley Salazar on our Spring 2011 cover. Salazar’s sex appeal jumps right off the pages of our imagination with fearless impact. Salazar stands a breathtaking 5’7” with in-your-face grown ass women curves (34DD/26/36) to make all heads turn in her direction. Salazar has some very serious drive to a future encounter with Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Empire by participating in Playboy’s Miss Social contest in conjunction with Facebook. Salazar is so serious about her modeling career it earned her opportunity to push the Stunner Baby brand to the next level.

SB: What is your modeling philosophy?

AS:“Be thankful for the jobs you have been apart of and dwell not of the ones you didn’t land.”

SB: How important is brand marketing you’re modeling career?
AS: “I take my career very seriously, as an artist I am constantly expressing myself in different mediums. My brand is built on my name and reputation not only as a model but as a photographer, talent agent, USAF veteran, actress, and more. I highly enjoy interaction with my current 10,000 or so strong online network between my social networking sites. I love talking with people from all over the world and learning about other cultures. Website’s like Facebook and Model Mayhem allow people to reach out in a way never possible before. Connections are made faster and on a more intimate level, thus making it easier for you as well to be seen in the same light. “A true gem will shine with out no introduction needed.”

SB: What’s up with Playboy? We need “juicy!” details!
AS: “I recently placed 4th in Playboy’s Miss Social contest and will be attending the Playboy Super Bowl Party in Dallas, Texas on behalf of Playboy in February. I am however still waiting to hear back from S.E., which is Playboy’s Special Editions. Dallas could turn out to be a great stepping stone for me to make a good contact, so keep your fingers crossed.”

SB: What motivated your interest in photography?

AS: “At the time when my fiancée and I first started dating I was working
as a talent agent for Toni’s International Models high fashion and editorial board here in St. Louis. I was representing some very amazing models that just didn’t have the
proper pictures for me to market them or no pictures at all and came
up with an idea on one day. Since my fiancée was a photographer I just asked him if I organized a test photo shoot with a few of my models would he let me go wild with his camera gear and he agreed.

After that first shoot I just never put the camera down, I found that it became a part of me as a person, I love shooting, and if I could shoot I would be very miserable. Photography has allowed me to express myself as an artist in ways I never thought possible. I can create such beauty, or capture life itself in an instant that can be cherished for ever. I have learned though that I will only be as good and “Ashley” will be and try not to compare myself to other artist because that is just foolish and distracts me from focusing on what’s really important and make me happy which is giving more to my art.”

SB: Did you serve in the military?
AS: “I am an honorably discharged six year USAF veteran. During my time in the Air Force my job titles and experiences ranged from the following: Radiology Technician, Mammography Technician, CAT-Scan, American Red Cross CPR Instructor, Security Forces Augmented, Base Honor Guard member and flight captain at Kessler AFB, and Scott AFB plus a few other things in which I am not entitled to discuss.”

SB: How do you feel to grace the cover of Stunner Baby Magazine?
AS: “Bewildered, thrilled, excited, proud, and honored as this is my second magazine cover ever and also my third feature in Stunner Baby Magazine.”

SB: What are your top “3” favorite music videos?
AS: The Verve “Bittersweet Symphony”, Boyz II Men “On Bended Knee”, and Katy Perry “Firework”.

SB: Tell your fans a secret!

AS: “I grew up in a drug abusive (parents) home, but hey what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!”

Ashley Salazar Favorites
Luggage: Anything that doesn’t break.
Stores: I am a sucker for stores like Bebe, Discovery, Wal-Mart, Aldo, Shillers, and any vintage store.
Clothing: I love vintage, ripped jeans, sweaters with lots of layers, fishnets, lingerie, pencil skirts, leg & hand warmers/gloves, and of course the simple sexy black dresses.
Actors: Bill Murray, Johnny Depp, Vin Diesel, Denzel Washington, Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt, Josh Holloway, Gabriel Aubry, Ryan Reynolds, Jack Black, Hugh Jackman and of course Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.
Playboy Bunnies: Jenny McCarthy, Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page, and Anna Nicole Smith.
Nightclubs: Ft. Lauderdale’s “The Blue Martini”, St. Louis’ “Shiver Vodka Bar”, and Chicago’s “Crobar” and “Transit.”

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