Fibi Love as an Extra in "The Cruise"

Fibi Love played an extra in "The Cruise" A French Film


Featured Eyecandy Ms. RareBreed

 Ms. RareBreed is a model, an actress, a music artist and a promoter, but for now we want to feature Ms RareBreed the model.
She believes that: “At birth, you are given a name that serves as your identification. It is up to you to create the name that will define you." and rarebreed most certainly defines her.

Ms. RareBreed is the definition of difference. She doesn't look like any other model and she definitely doesn't act like any other model. The element of surprise fuels Ms. RareBreed! She is who she is but not what you assume her to be! She is your perfect fantasy, your wet dream, and always your "traditional" lady! She has the "out of the box" mentality of this new urban era! Ms. RareBreed is the Unexpected! Undoubtly the Realest!

Ms RareBreed is available to do promotions, ad campaigns, fashion, glamor and runway modeling, event hosting and music video appearances. ***NO ADULT INQUIRIES***
To Book her for your next project contact: Chris Arrington @ (678) 964-1170 or email

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Fibi Love's Alter Egos Photo Shoot with Alex Manfredini