Feature Eyecandy Miss Amal

Miss Amal Miss AmalMiss Amal
The French public discovered Miss Amal on different media: Commercials, television, magazines, videos and hot show. Discovered by Bataille and Fontaine followed Cauet (TF1), then elected Miss International MAXIMUM.

Miss Amal is not only recognized as a model but also as official Choreographer of different artists.

Awarded by the profession in 2008 of a gold Eros for being "THE FRENCH ARTIST MORE GLAMOUR" Miss Amal enchaine video clips and can be found on the TV channel Virgin 17 in an interactive program entitled "Catch Me If only you can ... "

Miss Amal starting the year 2009 on top speed since it is Elected "THE BEST OF EUROPE STRIP teaseuse" Eros in 2009 during the gold room eroticism in Paris!
Many projects are still to come including its lingerie HOTMILK and school strip that will emerge shortly.

Miss AmalMiss Amal


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